From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank the following individuals and/or organizations for their love and support:

All of the photographers, filmmakers, writers, poets, musicians, or other artists from whom I sampled, borrowed, quoted, and have otherwise drawn inspiration. 

The ICers: Nick Muellner, Meg Jamieson, Cathy Crane, Rebecca Plante, Alison Bourdon, Julia Finn, Sean Frasier, David Moore, Rebecca Paterson, Chris Wnuk, Jason van Stavern, Joe Kavitski, Jon Weissberg, Stephen Quinlan, Dorian Connelley, as well as The James B. Pendleton Foundation, and PreVues.

My family and friends, the majority of whom have endured the worst of my personality and interests.

And my wife, most of all, for being the greatest human being in the history of the universe.

Thanks for checking the site out.


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